Bielizna modelująca

Outside the window you can already feel autumn, not only the evenings are already cold, but also the mornings. I regret that summer does not last much longer, because I would like to exclude winter and autumn from the calendar.

Body positive is a very necessary movement nowadays. Accepting our own body as it is makes us feel more confident, and we are more positively perceived by the society. And we all know that people prefer positive people to constantly dissatisfied complainers. I myself very much dislike complaining, and at the same time not doing anything to improve the situation, just whining for the sake of whining.

As far as my appearance is concerned, I accepted myself 100% a few years ago, before that I saw only my flaws and I admit that it was quite difficult to live with it, since I liked myself and my body, I am more confident, and above all, positive, because nothing takes away the will to live and act like dissatisfaction with yourself.

This body is luxuriously smooth and super comfortable to wear. You will be surprised at how often you will be reaching out for this piece. Made with soft and seamless construction, it will flatten the tummy, and enhance the body natural shape. One of the best tummy control shapewear.

Sometimes it turns out that women have a problem with the lower part of the body and it is here what they would like to hide, Then instead of a whole body it is worth looking at best shapewear for tummy and waist


In the store you will also find many different models of faja jeans. I really like those with high waist because they nicely emphasize the silhouette. Recently, bells have also become fashionable, it is for me an interesting return to the past, I used to like trousers with wide legs but now somehow I can not convince.


It is also worth looking at the bookmark best faja for tummy control where you will find the best selling things. The store is well stocked so everyone will find something for themselves.

Comfortable underwear for women is a must, it is not only to be pretty, but also not to cause a feeling of embarrassment and the desire to take it off as soon as we get home. Let's take care of our outward appearance as well as what we have under our clothes. ;)

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  1. Uwielbiam biezlinę modelującą, szczególnie do sukienek ;)


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